Who We Are

Vision and Mission

The Centre for Cooperation in Cyberspace (CCC) is an independent network of NGOs, think tanks, foundations and universities spanning across 18 Latin American and African countries.

Lack of trust and security in cyberspace is a threat to every state, company, and citizen. In the CCC, we believe that cyber resilience can only be achieved through strong partnerships between private, public and non-governmental stakeholders.

Recognizing that cyber-affairs play a central role in the global economy and in international decision-making, while still lacking legal frameworks and regulation, and that the digital divide between the North and the Global South creates safe havens for threat actors and cybercriminals, we aim to:

  • Bridge the digital gap between the Global North and the developing countries that will lead global economic and demographic growth in the coming decades:
  • Create a safer, more resilient cyberspace for the next generations, through advanced studies programs and capacity building projects;
  • Inform decisions and raise awareness among public and private sector leaders, through private consultations, special reports and high-level dialogues;
  • Become a leading platform for the Global South where business leaders, lawmakers and experts can come together and shape our future digital environment.


Independence – The CCC is an independent platform of engagement between civil societies, private companies and State actors, that operates with different political parties, governments, and religions.

Freedom – We believe that only an open cyberspace where information and data can circulate freely will be able to allow for human development and progress, unleashing the next generations’ creativity and ingenuity in an environment that protects their privacy and fundamental rights.

Whole of Society – Recognizing that absolute security in cyberspace cannot be achieved, we help our partners understand, adapt and respond to a fast-changing threat environment. Our cyber-resilience approach allows for the empowerment of citizens and societies – including public institutions, private companies, law enforcement agencies and decision-makers – encouraging their active role in the implementation of their respective strategies and promoting public ownership.

Sustainability – We are dedicated to preparing future generations for the opportunities and risks of a digital world. We promote sustainable and responsible behaviors that will have a positive impact in the future of humanity and the world, including the investment in A.I. readiness, energy efficient technologies and environmentally responsible policies, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Founders

Pedro Latoeiro is the CCC’s head of training and capacity building programs. He covers cyber affairs in Africa and EU-Africa relations. He holds a master’s degree in economics, a post-graduate in International Law and a degree in Communication Sciences. For almost a decade he was a journalist and an editor at Diário Económico, Portugal’s former top financial newspaper. He is the co-author of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ biography “Honest Broker”. 

Filipe Domingues is responsible for global stakeholder relations and advisory to public and private decision makers. He is an international affairs analyst with over 10 years-experience in private diplomacy. He is a specialist on Latin American issues, mainly digital policy and bi-regional dialogue with the EU. He has a degree in Communication and postgraduate experience in Diplomacy and International Affairs. He is the co- author of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ biography “Honest Broker”.